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Head Hunting: Is school soccer Next in the Bounty dialogue?

With all the latest suspensions of several present and former saints for his or her parts in the so-called bounty scandal, all of the discussion in the football world continues to be about the goals for gamers to simply take out other gamers.

Today, ESPN's Cris Carter stated that he personally put bounties on opposing players that were attempted to to place him on the side-lines. Carter stated that throughout his 16-year NFL career he frequently told team-mates to shield him from these out to get him.

Carter acknowledged Tuesday that the "bounties" were fiscally advantageous to his team-mates, but on Wednesday he clarified his purpose saying in no way was it a "pay for pain" scenario and the term "bounty" was a lousy choice of phrases.

If that is occurring in the NFL, why would not it be occurring in the faculty rankings?

Personally I've seen games where inexpensive pictures are taken, as well as oftentimes, the referees do an excellent job of maintaining purchase. But are the coaches, players and perhaps the alumni or fans spending cash to school children to knock opposing players in the sport?

In Billy Corben's 30 for 30 on Miami soccer, it had been noted that bounties were released on top opposing players in their run in the 1980s and early 90s. Sometimes, it had been rumored that Randy Shannon, a lb., was among the players spending the bucks following the match.

Could this Randy Shannon, the same one that trained the U until the 2009 season, have provided comparable bounties throughout his tenure as the the top guy?

The main point is the fact that it is football.

You go out there, and you also would like to knock the other men on their rearends, and you also do not care if they get hurt. You cannot inform me that bitter opponents like OSU vs. MI or USC vs. UCLA are not outside to get the greatest players off the area.

There's hardly any doubt the results of the so-called "Bounty-Gate" will soon be felt in the school rankings.

At this time college football is good the way it's, whether men are seeking other men with malicious purpose or not.

In case there are any other rule modifications to keep the hitting and violence into a minimum, you should give them flags and contact it intramural soccer.

What would you believe?

When you have just about any concerns about where by and the best way to use myhuntinggames.com - Home,, you possibly can contact us at our page. What's going to function as the trickle-down impact in the school game?

Would you even care if there are bounty plans in the sport?